An Aussie Influencer Has Shut Down Rumours That She & Her Wedding Guests Trashed Their Venue

Aussie Influencer Ellie Gonsalves

Aussie influencer and model Ellie Gonsalves has shut down any rumours that allege she and her guests trashed an event venue during her wedding.

Last week per The Daily Mail, a cheeky blind item circulated claiming an Aussie identity was kicked out of their wedding venue with their guests due to rowdy and abusive behaviour.

On Monday, the Aussie influencer addressed a question during an IG Q&A about the rowdy rumour.

The person asked: “I heard an influencer and guests trashed their wedding venue and got kicked out. Was that you?”

Gonsalves replied with text and a photo of her and her hubby: “No, that definitely wasn’t us. Firstly I have a lot of respect for everyone I ever work with/surround myself with and secondly, my friends would never do that to me either.”

“It’s sad to hear anybody let alone someone with a social media following would disrespect a person’s business like that,” the Aussie influencer added.

“It’s not something I would ever do or the kind of behaviours I would tolerate from my guests.”

Aussie influencer Ellie Gonsalves
Source: Instagram / @Ellie_Gonsalves

Aussie influencer watchdog account @DutchMinty — who previously posted about the blind item — confirmed that it was not about Gonsalves.

A couple of hours after the model posted her response, @DutchMinty posted a screenshot of Gonsalves’ IG Story alongside some added text.

“This was my blind item! I can 100 per cent confirm the submission was not about Ellie,” the text read.

“The influencer’s wedding in question happened in early 2022.”

Source: Instagram / @DutchMinty

Spicy, spicy, spicy!

Although Gonsalves has cleared her name from this cooked blind item, this isn’t the first time the bride has seen controversy due to her nuptials.

Last week, the model stood her ground online after people tried to slam her for her wedding dress — which was fucking stoonin’.

To give you a quick summary, Gonsalves posted a TikTok of her reception ‘fit, which was a white sheer corset dress that had a lot of white lace detailing and tulle.

@ellie_gonsalves my husbands face when he saw me in this dress reveal at our wedding 🤯😜 dress @oglialorocouture hair @Brodielee rokstar mua @Alex Perrin styled @Styled By Bloom wedding planner: @AlysiaBridgerEvents venue: La Luna Beach Club #wedding #dressreveal #bride ♬ I Wanna Be Loved By You – Marilyn Monroe

Although it’s her body and her wedding, random people chucked in two cents into the comment section.

One person wrote: “To wear in front of your family tho!?!”

“That looks more like the nighty for after the wedding,” another person added.

Fed up with the comments, Gonsalves uploaded a screenshot onto her IG Story, where she responded to a now-deleted comment.

In the IG Story — that has now been reuploaded by @Influencer.Updates.AU — the original commenter said, “Why do women want to look fast and loose on their wedding day? Why show everyone what’s supposed to be his alone?”

Gonsalves responded by writing back: “The only thing that’s fast and loose was your mum’s hand when she dropped ya on your head as child.”


Aussie influencer Ellie Gonsalves
Source: Instagram / and @Ellie_Gonsalves

Safe to say, it looks like Ms Gonsalves had an exceptional wedding while looking absolutely fucking gorgeous.

And whoever messed up that wedding venue, I hope you paid up for whatever you trashed including the wages of those who had to clean up after you ‘cos that’s just gronk behaviour!