In Peak Creepy Crawly, An Aussie Bride Found Not 1 But 3 (!!!) Leeches Under Her Wedding Dress

An Aussie bride has revealed the worst possible uninvited guest at wedding. No, it’s not the annoying “I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate” uncle, but a big fucking leech. I’d rather take the leech TBH.

Madalyn Wise posted a video on her TikTok of her and her husband’s first dance at their wedding. It was captioned “what we discovered underneath my dress a few minutes after our first dance”.

After the fkn adorable footage of Madalyn and her husband dancing, she showed a shot of her blood-soaked leg and wedding dress. Jeepers, the dry-cleaning costs alone!

It was followed by a shot of the culprit: an engorged leech.

One person commented: “this weirdly reminds me of Stranger Things” and I really have to agree. It’s giving those creepy little fuckers from season three.

@madalyn.wise There’s always something that doesn’t go quite right at your wedding, right? 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ #leech #weddingtiktok #wedding #weddingnightmare #foryoupage #fyp #ohno ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Quite a few people said they’d assume the blood was period blood. A fair call to make TBH.

But a number of others commented on the vid saying they’d never visit Australia. Trust me guys, leeches are the least of your worries.

“Every day I open TikTok and just get another reason to not visit Australia,” said one person.

“Tell me you live in Australia without telling me you live in Australia,” commented another. 

Madalyn then posted a follow up story time TikTok where she explained she got married on the Gold Coast’s Hinterland.

@madalyn.wise Okay here you go! Here is the Leech story time 😂 sorry if it’s not very good I am super new to TikTok pls don’t be mean… #leech #weddingstorytime ♬ original sound – Madalyn Wise

“In the weeks leading up to our wedding, we had a lot of rain,” Madalyn Wise said.

“We had our ceremony and then we went off to have our wedding portraits taken at the venue.

“During this photo session, we did have to go into some really long, sludgy grass… This is where I think the leeches came in to the picture.”

She also explained there were actually not one but THREE leeches. That is three too many in my book.

There was one underneath her foot, one in the back of her knee and one crawling up her leg. The big ‘ol leech seen in the first TikTok was behind her knee. Madalyn reckoned it had been there for about three hours — hence how chunky it was.

“It was literally on me throughout my whole reception, throughout the dinner and the speeches,” she explained.

According Madalyn, she’d been dancing with her friends for one or two songs when her mother-in-law grabbed her and took her to the dressing room.

“We get in there and I was like ‘what is happening?’ But then we’re in there and she’s just lifting up my dress.”

Her mother-in-law explained she’d spotted some blood on her dress and Madalyn instantly assumed she’d got an early period.

But no: it was leeches all along. Her mother-in-law first spotted the one under Madalyn’s foot. It turns out the leech behind her knee was so big and so full, it’d actually fallen off.

Weirdly (and kind of luckily) enough, Madalyn was the only one who got leeched.

“I was the only one at the wedding who had this leech issue. None of my guests had any leeches on them, none of the staff — no one had a leech but me.”

Her photographer and wedding coordinator helped sponge blood out of her dress on the night and bandage up her leg. Absolute icons there. Plus according to the venue staff it had never happened before

Madalyn said she was ultimately fine though it took ages for the bleeding to stop. That’s because leech saliva is an anticoagulant. Essentially, it stops blood from clotting the way it normally would.

Phew. And I thought a photographer photoshopping eyes onto blinking guests was the wildest thing that could happen at a wedding. Shoutout to the great state of Queensland for proving me wrong.