Aussie Influencer Slams Two Sydney Boutiques For Their ‘Hostile’ Service In Now-Deleted Video

Aussie influencer Em Davies has ripped two Sydney bridal boutiques a new one after experiencing “hostile” customer service while on the hunt for her wedding dress.

Em, who announced her engagement to Joel Gambin back in March, took to TikTok on September 1 to reveal all about her tits-up endeavour to find a dress for her big day.

Per The Daily Mail, the 28-year-old expressed that the experience was “the biggest let-down” in a since-deleted video.

“I’m like, not even being dramatic guys. Like, it just felt really hostile in both places that we went to,” Em said, although she admitted she got a better impression from the first boutique than the second.

She added: “And I just think if you’re spending that much money on a dress, like some decent customer service would [be appreciated].” TBH, she ain’t wrong.

Em then revealed the process “wasn’t enjoyable”, having allegedly been rushed through “freaking 20 dresses… in 30 minutes”.

“I didn’t really get much of a say in a lot of what was going on… I just had higher hopes.”

The Venem 1.0 founder also clarified that her intention wasn’t to “drag anyone” or name specific boutiques — despite airing her grievances to her 43,000 TikTok followers. I know I’m not the only nosy nelly absolutely itching to know the finer deets…

“It’s just my experience,” Em concluded. “I’m sure a lot of other people that have gone there have had really good experiences.”

Along with the TikTok, the influencer deleted her Instagram Reel in which she vlogged the the now-sullied shopping trip.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has contacted Em for comment.