Perth Influencer Em Davies Has Hit Back At Accusations She Broke WA’s Lockdown On Day One

Perth Influencer Em Davies received a tonne of backlash on Monday, after she posted a story where she appeared to be flouting WA’s strict lockdown rules. However, she has since come forward and addressed how these accusations have been taken completely out of context.

Davies posted an Instagram story of her Apple Watch, which showed that she had done a 77 minute coastal walk, when it’s only permitted to do 60 minutes of exercise per day under the lockdown rules.

The gaffe was shared to Aussie gossip Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck, known for exposing influencer spelling mistakes and other tea. The post attracted a heap of comments from people who were disappointed that Davies was flouting the rules so early on.

“Day one and people are already above the rules,” one person wrote.

“Fuck respecting the rules – let’s influence people to break them,” another said.

But according to Davies she didn’t actually break lockdown rules, because her Apple Watch also recorded the time it took her to stop and get a coffee.

“I just wanted to touch base on something I posted on my stories earlier this morning that has been completely taken out of context. This morning I did my hourly exercise outside the house. This lasted no longer than one hour and was within the allowed 5km radius (3.5 there and back). I also stopped off at a cafe (Yelo) to buy takeaway,” Davies wrote on Instagram.

“My Apple Watch was running the whole time. At no stage did I breach the lockdown restrictions that have been imposed. I take these restrictions very seriously and have always and will always follow government advice surrounding this. It’s really disappointing and upsetting to have something like this completely taken out of context.”

Davies also posted proof that she had, in fact, stopped at local cafe Yelo after her coastal walk.

So there you have it, always two-sides to every story.