Surely Fkn Not: An Aussie Influencer Is Getting Reamed For Posting A Suss Pic En Route To Bali

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Aussie influencer Em Davies has once again landed in hot water for sharing a super fkn suss photo to her Instagram Story.

The controversial online personality shared a snap in which she and her mate can be seen sitting in a car holding a packaged brownie.

The caption reads: “Are we going to regret eating this weed brownie on our way to the airport?”

It was accompanied by a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ poll and our vote would be a hard YES.

The IG Story was swiftly deleted, but not before Celeb Spellcheck took a snap and reshared it on her Instagram, captioning the post: “Em D(MA) & Lil Brownie.”

Scores of people have chimed in via the comments section.

“This gives me second hand embarrassment,” one person wrote.

“I couldn’t think of anything more stressful – ever,” wrote another.

“What are they, fifteen?? The cringe is real…” another added.

“Some things are best left off the internet,” wrote another.

There were also comments calling out their lack of safety.

“Practicing safe behaviour whilst driving. QUEEN,” someone sarcastically wrote.

People also pointed out the fact that, as Schapelle Corby will tell you, the Balinese border force don’t take kindly to drugs being brought into or out of the country.

“Lmao did they forget Border Force have drug dogs?” one person pointed out.

“Shapelle Corby is screaming,” wrote another.

It has been deduced by Celeb Spellcheck’s commenters that Em must’ve shared the pic to her Close Friends and it has leaked to the public.

“Oopsie exposed on the stories again,” one follower said.

“This was meant for Close Friends, surely?” wrote another.

This wouldn’t be the first time she’s been caught making a suss post that was meant for certain people but ended up doing the rounds publicly.

Celeb Spellcheck previously shared a Snapchat screenshot that allegedly showed Davies admitting to doing doing drugs prior to boarding a flight.

The pic allegedly featured a filtered image of the Perth model and the accompanying text read: “Sickkkk don’t have my ID on me coz I did lines w it all weekend. Now can’t get on my flight bc it links to an international so have to wait four hours to get another one :).”

She also came under fire last year for breaking lockdown laws and publicising her illegal jaunt on her Instagram Story.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Em Davies for a comment.