Influencer Olivia Molly Rogers Edited Her Ex Out Of Her Wedding Vid & Folks Are Going Wild For It

While I have personally never been through a marriage ending, I have to imagine it’s pretty rough. So a huge props to influencer and former Miss Universe Australia Olivia Molly Rogers for the genius power move of editing her husband Justin McKeone from their wedding vids.

Rogers and McKeone got married in February 2022 after dating for more than four years, but then announced they were separating back in October.

As we all know, breakups suck. The emotions, the logistics, the random urge to cry when you remember your ex-partner’s weird, gross little habits.

But one of the hardest things to do is reclaim the fond memories you had with your now-ex. Whether it’s friends’ birthday parties or full on travel destinations, suddenly all the wholesome pics and vids are tainted.

Thus I am simply obsessed with Rogers’ recent TikTok video which shows all the wholesome moments from her wedding without McKeone in sight.

In the caption of the TikTok post, Rogers wrote: “Since my ex and I broke up, my lovely videographer did an edit of our wedding video that is just me, my friends and family”.

“I am so grateful that I can remember the day in my own way.”

The video included pictures of Rogers getting ready for the day, laughing with her bridesmaids and walking down the aisle.

It was set to a clip of her dad’s speech, where he talked about how proud he was of her and shared the backstory for her name.

As it turns out, Olivia Molly is a combo of her Dad’s grandma’s name and the one and only Olivia Newtown John. Iconic.

@oliviamollyrogersSince my ex and I broke up, my lovely videographer did an edit of our wedding video that is just me, my friends and family. I am so grateful that I can remember the day in my own way 🫶🏼♬ original sound – Olivia Molly Rogers

People in the comments of Rogers’ video were hugely supportive of the concept.

“I’m [so] glad you chose to do this. I don’t know you but you were truly one of the most gorgeous brides I’ve ever seen. I’m glad you have these moments,” one user wrote.


“That’s a really sweet idea. I’m divorced but I love my wedding photos and that I had that day with my loved ones. It’s a lovely video,” someone else added.

This is also evidence of why you should be prepared to get as many saucy solo pics of yourself as possible.

Rogers recently shared another video about her split, telling the tale of a seriously shady comment by a family member.

“I left my husband about three months ago and everyone’s been really supportive,” she said.

“But I had a family member say something to me that at the time I was like ‘I’m not sure if they’re trying to be funny’.

“And in hindsight I’m like no, it was definitely… a dig.”

Rogers explained that the family member had asked her if she’d ever considered going into acting.

She replied that she hadn’t ‘cos she didn’t think she would be good at it.

And in response the family member said, “Oh, but you’ve been acting so well for the past four years”.

Excusez moi!!!

@oliviamollyrogers I fele like it was a dig, thoughts? #storytime #breakup ♬ original sound – Olivia Molly Rogers

If a family member said that to me, they would absolutely be disinvited to any future gatherings and from the annual Secret Santa.

Oh, and 100 per cent edited out of the wedding video.