Tammy Hembrow Responds To Matt Zukowski Wedding Invite Leak & Anna McEvoy Rumours On TikTok

Influencer Tammy Hembrow is no stranger to the headlines. Every time she turns around, she winds up generating heaps of news that spreads like wildfire across the Aussie media landscape (and sometimes it even goes around the world). The latest spot of tea involves her upcoming wedding to soon-to-be husband Matt Zukowski, who you’ll recognise from Love Island Australia.

Tammy’s name has been in the press quite a lot recently so she decided to jump on TikTok to address some of the recent stories about her in a classic GRWM video.

Tammy Hembrow addresses leaked wedding invitation backlash

The first media firestorm came as a result of the fact that the couple’s wedding invitation accidentally leaked online and naturally, it became the subject of public scrutiny.

“You guys might know that recently my wedding details were leaked online accidentally. This has caused a few issues for me, I have had to change a lot of the details because we want it to be very private and it’s been a bit frustrating,” she began.

“There’s been a few articles come out, I’m going to clarify them!” she added.

One such detail is the fact that they have requested that no kids be present at their wedding — a very common request, no?

“Adult detail on Tammy Hembrow’s wedding invitation stuns fans: ‘Surprised me’,” Daily Mail Australia’s headline read.

Daily Mail Australia headline

NOT THE ADULT DETAIL! (Credit: Daily Mail Australia)

The invite included the following request: “Whilst we love your babies our wedding will be child free.”

They even went as far as to offer babysitting for their friends and fam so they could enjoy a magical evening without having to worry about their kids: “Babysitting can be arranged upon request,” the invite adds. Uh, well that’s hella generous!

The story took Tammy to task over the fact that she herself is a mother of three kids — Wolf, nine, and daughters Saskia, seven, and Posey, one — so therefore she’s seemingly expected to want the spawn of her nearest and dearest running amok at her nuptials which she probs spent a fuck tonne of dough on.

Speaking of cash, the other detail that raised eyebrows was the fact that they asked for donations to fund their wedding, despite Tammy being a v. rich gal who’s topped the Australian Financial Review’s Rich List in the past.

“That’s a bit rich! Tammy Hembrow asks for donations for her wedding to Matt Zukowski despite her staggering estimated net worth… and reveals the event will be CHILD-FREE,” Daily Mail Australia’s other headline reads.

Daily Mail Australia headline

A bit rich, indeed. (Credit: Daily Mail Australia)

When I first saw this headline pop up, I assumed Tammy was asking her followers to donate to her wedding — almost like a GoFundMe vibe. If this were the case, I TOTALLY would understand the outrage.

But as it turns out, the happy couple were simply asking for a cash gift instead of a bought present: “Your presence on our day is the greatest gift of all. However, if you would like to gift us something a wishing well will be at our wedding for you contribution and well wishes,” the invite reads.

A classic wedding wishing well for guests and “asking for donations” is not the same thing… talk about a reach!

In response to the article claiming she asked for donations, she said: “I don’t even know what to say about that. That’s not true at all, I’m not asking for donations at my wedding, this is for my family and friends. They wrote this article about the fact that we had a wishing well. I think it’s a pretty normal thing to have at a wedding and we only had it because people kept asking about gifts.

“None of them thought it was weird! But apparently people in the world thought it was weird.”

She added, “I also saw that someone said we would be expecting $3000-$5000 per person. That is ridiculous.”

She then addressed the story about the event being childfree and how “people are getting pretty mad.”

The beauty boss confirmed that her children will, of course, be coming to her wedding — she even roped in one of her kids to be all cute in the video.

She clarified that she doesn’t want other people bringing kids because she “wants the other adults to relax” and she knows “how stressful kids can be.”

Very fair!

“Guys, you just really cannot believe these clickbaity headlines because they’re not true,” she added.

Next, she addressed rumours that she “terrified the crowd” at an AFL event for charity after she was asked to do a kick and supposedly fucked it up.

“Let’s make one thing clear: nobody was terrified. The only person ‘terrified’ was me because I was mortified,” she said.

She also addressed drama over photo from Anna McEvoy’s wedding

Then, she discussed the backlash over wearing white to influencer pal Anna McEvoy‘s wedding to long-term partner Michael Staples.

The story that went out at the time was that Tammy was supposedly overshadowing her mate’s wedding by “packing on the PDA” with her BF at the party and also wearing white which is a universal no-no at a wedding.

Tammy and Anna

Matt, Tammy, Anna and her new hubby Michael. (Credit: Instagram / Tammy Hembrow)

Tammy clarified that the above snap was not from the actual wedding day — it was actually taken at a white-themed party.

“The photos they’re showing were for Anna’s welcome dinner and they were white themed. What would you have liked me to wear?” she said.

“Anna didn’t have a problem with anything, so I don’t know why other people do.”

And finally, she slammed rumours that she and Matt split as well as rumours that she and this one Sydney pap are mates and that’s how they’re able to get so many intimate snaps of her.

“Firstly, I hate pap photos. Secondly, this particular pap is literally so mean, there’s a YouTube video where he’s shouting at me that I’m ugly. Why would I be friends with this man? He’s so mean. Also, all his pics are so bad. Would my friend do me like that? No!”

It’s worth noting that as she told her tales, she was applying MCoBeauty products because get that bread etc.