TikTok Is Horrified By This Woman’s List Of ‘Dumb Shit’ Her Husband Did When She Was In Labour

tiktok husband dragged for not supporting wife during labour

Another day, another woman on TikTok sharing her husband’s deeply problematic behaviour like it’s quirky and funny. It’s honestly tragic, as the comments pointed out on this video about a TikToker’s husband doing “dumb things” while she was in labour. Girl, run!!!!

TikToker Jenna Christie (@fiancefinancial) a blogger whose content revolves around her dog, fiance-now-husband, married life and now motherhood, uploaded a video onto the platform about what a truly terrible support system her husband was during labour.

“So I went walking through all the dumb things my husband did when I was in labour,” she began, speaking via greenscreen with a time-stamped list behind her.

“My water broke at at 2pm, [at] 6pm things are happening, and he asks me what’s for dinner,” she said.

“I’m like, I’m a little busy dilating right now, I can’t fire up the fajitas right now honey.”

Yeah, if you thought this list was going to be a bunch of silly, goofy little mistakes, you’d be wrong. It’s red flag after red flag, baby.

Jenna proceeded to recall that her husband offered her the dog’s food bowl (WHAT) when she needed to vomit, took the scenic route while driving her to the hospital while she was deliriously in labor (with not even a hint of urgency), and sent pictures of her naked and delirious into the family group chat.

“So I have [the baby] at 4.36am. He’s been taking pictures the whole time and sending them to my family,” she said.

“Later I look at these photos — I’m tits out.”

Yep. He sent pics of his wife, boobs out and legs spread during labor, to the family group chat with male family members, uncensored, without her consent.

This would be my thirteenth reason. (Image: TikTok @fiancefinance)

But wait, there’s more!

“Finally, at 8am, it was time to go and they were like ‘Can you eat something before you leave?’ and I was like ‘Oh, I have a protein bar in my bag,” she said.

“So I grabbed the protein bar, and he’s like ‘Can we split that? I’m hungry’.”

Imagine literally giving birth and being expected to cook for your husband, experiencing his complete lack of urgency or thoughtfulness in caring for you, and then having to share the first thing you’ve eaten since you went into labour.

As you can imagine, the comment section of the video was an absolute shitshow.

Multiple comments told her to “run”, while others said they could never get over all these “red flags”.

Jenna has since taken the video down, but it’s lived on in stitches and reposts, where a fierce debate has ignited on whether women should tolerate “stupidity” from their husbands.

One TikToker, known for her “translations” of what people consider problematic TikTok videos, accused the husband of comparing his wife to a dog and of deliberately delaying their trip to the hospital despite her nausea in a video with more than 18,000 likes.

“I don’t understand how she’s like ‘This is so silly’. Like baby…. No. Divorce,” one comment said.

“This is like an AITA post from hell,” said another.

“I wish she said ex husband,” wrote a third.

Honestly, this whole saga reminds me of that poor woman who shared a video of her husband’s vows, in which he reduced her to a sexual object whose only purpose is to cook and be sexy.

Praying these ladies find the love and support they deserve. It’s rough out there.