A Groom Is Getting Eviscerated Online After A Viral Clip Exposed His Poor Wedding Day Behaviour

bride groom wedding video cynthia umunze

A groom is getting his ass dragged from here to Neverland after a video from his wedding day went hyper-viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons.

Nothing is more delicious than shit going down at a wedding. I’ve seen some wild shit in my day, from a couple missing their own special day because they got stuck in a lift, to a groom waiting for his wedding to reveal the bride was rooting his best man, to Taika Waititi actually marrying Rita Ora. Crazy stuff.

In a since-deleted video that reached over 40M views, TikTok user Cynthia Umunze (@cynthiaumunze) walked down the aisle with her new husband. While she was all smiles, he was looking at his phone the entire time.

You’d think if there was a single day to put the damn phone down it would be your wedding day. Who are you texting that isn’t already in the room with you? What are you checking your phone for that can’t wait a few minutes?

Here’s the TikTok in question, which has been reposted by multiple accounts on the internet to keep it alive. This man is NEVER escaping his crimes.

The internet took the clip and had a field day with it.

“He’s a clown for being on that damn phone,” wrote one TikTok user.

“She’s a better woman than me, I would have gone berserk,” wrote another.

“This better be a skit. If not, baby girl get an annulment NOW,” wrote one user on Twitter.

“This man won’t ever get that moment back… and she’ll never forget it. Damn shame,” wrote another.

“This is disrespectful and condescending. Totally uncalled for,” wrote a third.

If a video clip of me on my wedding day ever goes viral for any reason, I am disappearing into the woods forever.

I don’t care WHO the video is about — the shame would be too much for me.

This is why I’m just never going to get married.