Ahh, AITA. It’s a beautiful, stunning, gorgeous space where people share real (and sometimes fake) anecdotes on Reddit, asking perfect strangers whether they are or are not the dingus in a situation.

Am I The Asshole became it during lockdown, when very little else was going on, so it’s only fair that we pull together ten of the most cursed entries we’ve ever seen. Consider it a love letter to AITA, something you can turn to when you want to feel something, anything (secondhand rage).

10. This Person Who Deleted Their Friend’s University Offer So They Could Study Together

The AUDACITY of this fkn guy.

So – your friend receives their dream offer to study in another country. You received a dream offer to study in a different foreign country. Your parents won’t let you go unless you both study in the same country. What is a normal thing to do here?

  • A: Study somewhere else
  • B: Chat to your parents about boundaries and safety
  • C: Do nothing. Nothing works!

Guess which option this fucking guy picked.

Pics courtesy of the @AITA_reddit Twitter account:

AITA reddit

AITA reddit

9. The “Body Count” Board

There is something deeply revolting about keeping used condoms as trophies and pinning them up on a board for your roommates and guests to see. Oh, and then calling it your “body count”. But that’s exactly what OP’s roommate did.

I don’t know if this makes things any better, but the condoms are washed, cleaned, and dried before pinned to the board.

Right, so, OP had a guest come over one night, who he was super excited about because he was keen on her. Not wanting to freak her out, he took down the board… only for his roommate to restore it later that night.

The girl saw it, she freaked, she left.

OP was mad, smashed the board into tiny pieces, and threw it into the dumpster.

While I don’t agree with destroying a roommate’s property, I think any decent person would make an exception for something as disgusting, ridiculous, and dumb as this.


Pics courtesy of the @AITA_reddit Twitter account:

AITA reddit

I really cannot express how much it sucks to call something that already sucks a “body count” board. Far out.

8. This Guy Who Would Refuse To Bow To His Fiancée’s Grandparents

The first (of many) red flags is in the first line, when OP writes: “My fiancée is Korean-American, and I’m American.” For this reason, I am going to assume he is as white as rice.

Let us begin.

OP is planning a trip to Korea to meet his partner’s grandparents, who he has yet to meet. OP’s partner has asked him to bow to her grandparents, “since respecting the elders is a big deal in Korean culture.”

“Not just like a casual dip, like a full on 90 degree bow. I said I’d rather not since I found it emasculating and that I just don’t bow to anyone.”

So many red flags, so many. 

While OP’s partner said it is important to her culture that he bows to her grandparents, OP disagreed because [checks notes] she did not bow to his grandparents.

“I just think it’s hypocritical to expect me to bow to her grandparents when she didn’t bow to mine,” he wrote.

  1. If OP is indeed white, why would his partner bow to his grandparents? Bowing hasn’t been a greeting in western culture for a very, very long time. What a dumb argument.
  2. You’d think respecting your partner’s culture takes precedence over what is “manly” or not.
  3. As one response perfectly noted: “You’re not defending your dignity, you’re broadcasting your ignorance.”

What an asshole.

AITA for refusing to bow to my Korean fiancee’s grandparents? from AmItheAsshole

I remember exactly where I was when I first read this AITA, because I messaged about three different people in rage.

7. The Terrible Boyfriend With The Terrible Family

“I (25M) have a girlfriend (23F) who is absolutely beautiful, but she does have a large facial scar,” OP wrote to kick things off.

His family often jokes about his girlfriend’s facial scar, because they “have a super dark sense of humour”. This bothers OP’s girlfriend, who doesn’t think the ‘jokes’ are funny. Fair enough! But instead of understanding where his girlfriend is coming from, he sides with his family and their humour.

It’s just a joke – that sort of thing.

OP’s girlfriend doesn’t want to spend much time with his family, because of the way they are. But she agrees to see them for Christmas, as long as OP stands up for her if the family try anything.

While Christmas was fine at first, OP’s mum and sister later appeared wearing “matching ugly sweaters, that had my girlfriend’s face over it”.

What. The. Fuck? 

OP’s girlfriend looked at him, waited, but when he did nothing she just got up and left. OP accused her of ruining the day with her reaction and is wondering why his girlfriend isn’t talking to him.

Tough one!!

AITA for not thinking the joke my family played on my GF was a big deal? from AmItheAsshole

6. AITA For Making My Parents Redundant? BRO.

This is an interesting one, because legally, I don’t think OP is an asshole. He was doing his job. Morally, however, he is absolutely – absolutely – an asshole for not only costing his parents their jobs, but not feeling bad about it either.

Essentially: this guy is a consultant who tells companies which employees they can get rid of, in the name of synergies and bottom lines and big fat fucking bonuses (bad). His latest job involved several companies, one of which his parents worked at. By doing his job very well like a good little snivelling weasel, he made his parents redundant. Now his parents are upset.

The kicker? The really asshole bit of this? “I’m not sorry for what I did,” he said in his post. “The job was an enjoyable, challenging experience and we ended up with a happy client!”

Straight to the guillotine, my son. Chop chop.

Pics courtesy of the @Redditships Twitter account.


5. This Bloke Whose AITA Turned Into A Full-blown Relationship Eye-opener

The long and short of this one, because you really should just read it and the update in full, begins with a man asking if he is the asshole for making his girlfriend cook all the time.

OP’s girlfriend is a very talented cook, so he sort of just came to the conclusion that it would be better for his girlfriend to cook all the time, instead of eating out. He didn’t think this was a money issue, he just preferred his girlfriend’s cooking.

What could go wrong? Well.

AITA for very rarely/almost never wanting to go to restaurants because my girlfriend makes food that’s just as good, if not better, than restaurant food? from AmItheAsshole

4. #PeeGate

Oh god. This one is so, so bad. It started off terribly and got worse. Pretty much the entire family is now not speaking to each other and/or in therapy.

Basically: this woman asked if she should stand her ground by not letting her brother-in-law stay with her, because last time he stayed he peed all over her stuff (she only found out because she installed a secret camera). The obvious answer is ‘no’. However, some of Reddit’s answers inspired the woman’s husband to go chat to his brother, but when he arrived at the empty house, he found there was pee EVERYWHERE. Also: copious amounts of jizz.

It got…. worse. I don’t even want to repeat it all here, but a cat and an underage girl were involved. As of the latest update, the brother-in-law is in a psychiatric hospital.

There are like six parts to this story, you can go read them HERE.

3. The Boyfriend Who Deleted His Girlfriend’s Instagram Because He’s A Big Baby

In this one, a 27-year-old man exposed himself as a horrible, horrible person when he permanently nuked his girlfriend’s Instagram account because he thought she was spending too much time on it.

Again, this bloke was jealous that his girlfriend of five years would “rather spend time attention-seeking from her 5000+ followers than spend some quality time with me.”


I think what really gets me about this particular entry is that the boyfriend claimed he has no social media and likes to keep his personal life to himself… and then proceeded to post all about his personal life on Reddit.

Pics courtesy of the @AITA_reddit Twitter account:

AITA reddit

Oh, and based on his responses to comments, he’s an even bigger asshole than his original post suggested.


For me at least, I wasn’t fully convinced this man was 100 per cent the asshole in this situation until the very last paragraph.

The story goes that OP and his girlfriend have been in a relationship since they were 13 and moved in together when they turned 18. They’re 20 now, and for two years OP has been living with his girlfriend’s cat, that he is allergic to. He also hates cats.

When OP moved in with his girlfriend, he thought she would leave the cat with her parents. But she didn’t, because she really, really loves the cat. OP, however, described this love as an “unhealthy obsession”. Hmm.

So OP laid down some ground rules, like no cat on bed, furniture, or in his office. But apparently, he still found cat hair everywhere, so he assumed his girlfriend was just letting the cat… be a cat.

Fast forward to lockdown when OP is working from home and found the cat sitting in his office.

“I’ve asked time and time again for her cat to stay out of my space and I feel like she deliberately disrespects my wishes,” OP wrote.

At this point, I thought everybody in this situation was being the asshole, including the cat, but cats can’t help being cheeky shits. I’d talk it out, maybe? Have a sit-down, serious conversation.

But what did OP do?

“I found a walk-in surrender shelter today and dropped the cat off.”

I just –

Pics courtesy of the @AITA_reddit Twitter account:

AITA reddit

What a fucking lemon.

1. I Don’t Even Know How To Explain This One

This is… this is a journey that you should just read.

AITA for calling out my kids’ future stepmom for treating me like a surrogate? from AmItheAsshole

I really hope OP and her babies are safe and well, and far away from Joe and Kim. I don’t know what else to say – this was so disturbing to read and the one AITA post I often think about because of how unbelievably cursed it is.

Image: Reddit / @chunkymonkeycupcake