What The Fuck Is Former Premier Steven Marshall Doing In DeuxMoi’s Celeb Sightings Roundup?

dexmoi steven marshall celeb sighting

Every Monday morning (Sunday arvo for LA) the ratbags behind the celeb blind gossip account/Instagram oracle DeuxMoi round up all the messages they get sent from fans spotting celebs in the wild. Considering its Oscars day there were plenty of famous folks being sighted around Hollywood and greater Los Angeles. But amongst the noise, Australia got a little look in for once.

Nestled in among people spotting Daniel Radcliffe in West Hollywood and Charlie Pluth, Judd and Maude Apatow (separately) at a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles, was a little piece from Norwood in South Australia.

The anonymous sender had spotted Aussie actress Teresa Palmer (Lights Out, Warm Bodies) at Argo café with director Scott Hicks nearby.

However, the best part of the whole ‘Anon pls’ sighting was the inclusion of “our State Premier looking sad who was voted out on the weekend”.

Wouldn’t you believe it, former SA Premier Steven Marshall has landed himself in one of the hottest Instagram gossip accounts going around.

steven marshall deuxmoi sunday spotted
Daniel Radcliffe, Charlie Pluth, Steven Marshall. [Image: Instagram / @deuxmoi]
DeuxMoi pressed on the South Aus celeb spotter on what exactly a “state premier” is. That led to DeuxMoi and now all of its 1.4 million followers to learn a little something about the way the government is structured in Australia.

“It’s the leader of the state, kind of like the governor I’d guess,” the anonymous follower said.

“Like nationally it’s prime minister like a president, but [for] state it’s a premier.”

There you go, the million-and-a-bit people who follow DeuxMoi and don’t know diddly squat about Australian politics. Now you (kinda) know who the former South Australian premier is.

Does this mean I can now start sliding into DeuxMoi’s inbox whenever I see some low-tier politicians or local celebs getting around the place in Melbourne? Surely I’ll spy Tony Armstrong down the pub in Brusnwick soon or Dan Andrews in about a week when he’s out of COVID isolation.