A New HBO Series About Celeb Goss Oracle Deuxmoi Is Coming Which Is A Hell Of A Blind Reveal

deuxmoi series hbo max scripted drama

Huge news for anons everywhere: the oracle of modern celebrity gossip and blinds is going to hit our TV screens. DeuxMoi — the anonymous Insta account we’ve been obsessed with for a good couple of years — is about to get its own drama series based on the upcoming novel Anon Pls.

Per Deadline, HBO Max snapped up the concept and wants to develop it into an hour-long drama series that follows the same story as the novel that was announced back in March.

Anon Pls is inspired by real events and written with New York Times author Jessica Goodman and will be in our hot little hands in November. If it’s all based on the meteoric rise to fame and notoriety that DeuxMoi has seen over the last couple of years, I can’t wait to see how the book (and new series!) turns out.

Will we see some red-hot afterparty tea? Or maybe a reference to the former Premier of South Australia Steven Marshall looking sad in a café? There’s honestly so much content to draw from, I don’t even know where to begin.

The upcoming book’s plot follows an assistant named Cricket Lopez who works for a celebrity stylist. One night Cricket decides to start a celebrity gossip Instagram account on a drunken whim just as a way to decompress from her hectic work. Before she realises what she’s done her inbox is filled with spicy gossip from fans and insiders who want to share their stories and secrets anonymously.

There’s lots of drama around the sudden heat and attention on Cricket for sharing tidbits, rumours and celebrity sightings not just in the United States, but right across the world. Neglected friends, disappearing from work and working under constant anonymity to protect herself and her sources are all things the main character of Anon Pls has to grapple with.

Sounds like a riot, to be honest. I can’t wait to not only read the novel but also watch the drama series when that lands, too. It’s absolutely going to be like a cross between Gossip Girl and Sex And The City, I can just feel it deep in my waters.

We’ll let you know as soon as we find out more about this fkn exciting project. Until then consider all our Sunday Scaries cured — once we get our grubby hands on some Deux Merch we’ll meet you at Carbone to debrief.