A Cow Has Gone Viral For *Checks Notes* Mooving Through A Macca’s Drive-Thru In A Sedan


A cow was on the moove at a Wisconsin McDonald’s drive-thru and of course, it caught the surprise of a customer waiting in the line.

Jessica Nelson posted a video of the cow leaving the drive-thru in the back of a sedan on Facebook. She told the Associated Press that she thought the cow was fake until its head moved.

“A WHOLE FREAKING COW!!!” Nelson wrote on Facebook.

“Tell me you live in Wisconsin without telling me you live in Wisconsin.”

After the video went viral, Nelson was contacted by the man driving the car, who said there were actually three calves in the back, but two were lying down. He purchased them in an auction at Central Wisconsin State Fair, which is definitely a better prize than your run-of-the-mill meat tray. I mean…three calves are a meat tray of sorts anyway.

The cow-spotter told FOX6 that she noticed the animal during the long lunchtime rush at her local Macca’s.

“I seemed to have been the only one freaking out about a cow being in a Buick,” she told the TV station.

I’m honestly surprised this isn’t an Aussie story, as it seems exactly like something that would go down here.

Remember when a guy drove an actual tank through a KFC drive thru on the Goldy??? Yeah, the man was spotted by a Nerang local who couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I laughed and thought what an awesome guy, I thought how cool that would be to be able to do that. It was a pretty clever idea,” she told Big Rigs.

“In Nerang anything is possible. In that KFC drive-thru I have seen a guy who got fed up waiting so he got out and started washing people’s windscreens and checking his oil.”

I wish my drive-thru was a bit more exciting. The most exciting thing that’s happened to me at a Macca’s drive-thru is a worker forgetting my sauce. Actually, that wasn’t fun at all – that sucked!