We Officially Endorse This Hero Getting KFC Drive-Thru In A Tank For President

Sometimes, instead of asking “Why?“, you can only look upon something completely ridiculous that someone has done with awe, admiration, and an official editorial endorsement for the office of president of whichever country the recipient so desires. This is one of those times.

We know very little about the man who drove what appears to be a light armoured vehicle up to the drive-thru of the KFC in Nerang. We know that they have a driver’s license, we know that, at some point, they were on the Gold Coast and needed to get some fried chicken. They also appear to have very little concern about appearing conspicuous on the roads. Is this enough to vote someone in as head of state? Absolutely yes.

Pictured: Just an ordinary trip to KFC. (Photo: Michelle Skelton Fay)

This anonymous legend was spotted by Nerang local Michelle Skelton Fay, who was in the drive-thru at the adjacent Hungry Jacks, presumably not in a tank. Fay told Big Rigs that Nerang is a place of dreams where anything might come true:

I laughed and thought what an awesome guy, I thought how cool that would be to be able to do that. It was a pretty clever idea.

In Nerang anything is possible. In that KFC drive-thru I have seen a guy who got fed up waiting so he got out and started washing people’s windscreens and checking his oil.

Experts in military history and hardware the Daily Mail have tentatively identified the vehicle as potentially being a Daimler Ferret Mk 2 armoured car, which can be road legal in Australia as long as it has seatbelts, airbags, and does not feature a functional machine gun – a relatively reasonable consideration, we can all agree.

Godspeed you, beautiful chicken fan.