Pack it all up, a woman from Sydney‘s UTS has hands-down won the Best Graduation Gift, after getting a bouquet of KFC chicken given to her on her grad day. Why give someone flowers when you can give them something they truly love; tasty fried chicken?

Graduating from uni is a huge deal – you’ve just spent a considerable few years working your ass off to meet assignment deadlines, slogging it through group assignments (a unique level of hell), and probably spent a few very late nights/early mornings in the uni’s library – or in my case, the beloved Bon Marche building. Congrats, you’ve made it relatively unscathed.

At the end of all that, when you get to go up and tip your cap at the Chancellor and receive a very expensive piece of parchment, getting a gift from your loved ones is pretty stock standard. A bunch of flowers, a nice meal at a nearby fancy-ass restaurant, maybe a plush bear in a cute graduation cap and gown.

UTS grad Lucy Zhao and her partner supremely set the bar on her big day, with an edible bouquet of skewers lined with KFC popcorn chicken and chicken wings (Original Recipe from the looks of things) and I’m equally impressed and suddenly very hungry.

Look at it! It’s glorious. A pure masterpiece of deep-fried KFC chicken deliciousness and I’m furious that I didn’t think to do this when I graduated from uni.

Sorry mates, but that’s the standard now. Sure, you can buy your loved one a bunch of flowers for their special day/birthday/times you get in trouble, but they fall far short of this simply because 1. flowers will die and 2. you can’t sneakily eat flowers when you’re halfway through the marathon that is a uni graduation, secret shame be damned.

Congrats to you, Lucy. For finishing uni, for this absolute masterstroke of a graduation gift, and for laying the challenge that somehow, someone has got to top your KFC arrangement.

Image: Getty Images / Justin Sullivan