Chris Hemsworth Chucked $73 Up A KFC Drive-Thru In Rural NSW & It’s The Roll He Deserves

Celebrities, folks! They do indeed be just like you and me. They piss and poo and take the trash out (presumably) and occasionally drop half a pay packet on garbage food just like the greedy little bridge trolls we all secretly are. Case in point, Chris Hemsworth – the meat castle himself – making a few late night shift workers day by casually swinging through a KFC drive-thru because why not? Why shouldn’t he? Why shouldn’t Chris Hemsworth allow himself a little chicken treat?

The story goes that Hemsworth fanged his undoubtedly expensive car through the drive-thru at KFC Murwillumbah on the weekend, as one does.

When it became fairly obviously apparent that holy shit that is Chris Hemsworth in the drive-thru, the store’s staff reportedly lost their collectives. Hemsworth, as he is wont to do, made their shift easily the most memorable one this year by posing for a photo with the group looking on through the window. Completing the combo? The classic Hemsworth Shaka. Tried and true.

Per ensuing reports, staff at the outlet confirmed the Big Man spent a shade under $73 during his jaunt through the joint. On the menu? 15 pieces of original chicken, one regular Zinger combo meal, and four regular Popcorn Chicken meals. There’s certainly every chance that was an order intended for multiple people. But you and I both know it’s much more fun to imagine Chris By-God Hemsworth hoovering down the whole lot by himself in one go.

Just giving it heaps.

Straight-up sending that chook straight down gullet highway.

Fisting popcorn chook into his gob like his life depends on it.

That image gets even better when you consider the Not Zero possibility that Hemsworth drove to Murwillumbah, some 55 minutes away from his Broken Head home, and shame bought enough KFC to last him the entire trip back. Hooning down the highway absolutely bashing a drummy. Not a care in the world. Living life, free.

Of course there’s almost certainly a much more mundane, run-of-the-mill explanation for it.

But a man can dream, right?

A man can do nothing but dream.