Imagine rolling up to a fast food window and hearing the voice of your younger self blasting through that croaky speaker where you place your order? Well that’s what a bloke from Melbourne experienced when he revisited the KFC he once worked at some 14 years ago.

The chook connoisseur, Ryan Evans, shared the hella bizarre experience on TikTok in a video that’s copped millions of views and over 375.5K likes because it’s just so bloody cooked (not unlike the fried chicken he was purchasing).

In the video, Ryan rolls up to the drive thru window at his former workplace in Greensborough when he hears the KFC greeting that he recorded some 14 years ago.

“Welcome to KFC Greensborough, when you’re ready to place an order,” Ryan’s recorded speaker message says, before real-life Ryan joins in.

“Please drive forward to the first window.”


pretty sure owe me a zinger box or two ???? #fyp #hashtag #kfc #drivethru #zingerbox #speakerbox #itme

♬ Killing In the Name – Rage Against The Machine

Speaking to, Ryan says he decided to return to his former workplace after a mate told him that his recorded voice message is still being used at the drive thru window.

“One of my friends went through the drive-through about six months ago and completely reminded me about the fact that my voice is still on the speaker box even though I haven’t been there in about 14 years,” he told the site.

Ryan started working at Greensborough KFC when he was 15 and recorded the speaker message when he was 23 and the branch’s store manager in 2007, according to

“I thought, this one might crack a thousand [views], I posted it and I played video games for an hour or two and looked up and it had already hit 20,000 within a couple of hours,” he said.

“I can’t believe it’s over two million, it’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Hm… maybe I ought to pay the Macca’s I worked at when I was 14 a visit.