Aussie Influencer Constance Hall Claims She Lost Her Life Savings To An Absolutely Cooked Scam

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Mum blogger Constance Hall has claimed she lost all her life savings after being duped by a real estate scam.

Hall posted a lengthy “online cry” on Facebook to warn her followers.

In her post, she recounted applying for heaps of homes and getting no responses, so she decided to look at the property that had been listed the longest.

“And there it was, a beautiful house with a pool and garden and four furnished bedrooms only available for four months, perfect,” Constance wrote.

“I’d never usually never spend that kind of money on rent, but I felt like we all just needed a break, and I could afford it. It just meant I couldn’t save while I was there.”

She contacted the real estate agent and even took a tour of the joint before putting in an offer.

She later received an email informing her she had been approved. It instructed her to transfer the funds for the bond as well as four weeks’ rent.

“It was a lot of money. I was clearing out my savings account and part of last week’s wage, that’s a big hit for the school holidays, but I thought about how excited the kids will be when I tell them, it will be like a holiday in itself,” she wrote.

“So I paid it, sent the remittance straight away and told them as soon as possible would be great and announced it to the kids who were so excited.”

Days later, Constance Hall got a call from the real estate agent telling her the agency had been hacked.

“The last two emails that I had received on the same email thread weren’t actually from them, it was hackers,” she said.

“The bank account details weren’t really theirs, and the house was never approved.”

She said although she felt “stupid,” she says “I am a businesswoman, I pay large sums internationally often, I’m scam savvy and don’t pay anything that hasn’t come from a known contact with with a credible email history, so no, I’m not stupid.”

Hall said she wanted to warn her fans as this could happen to “literally anyone desperate to get a rental.”

Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done to recover the lost dough.

“The police told me that I had to make an online cyber report but warned that they would be unlikely to recover the funds,” she added.

“The real estate maintained that there was nothing they could do but assured me that their emails were now secure again.”

She concluded by encouraging her followers to be super vigilant.

“Even if you have already been communicating on the exact same email thread, it can’t hurt to call them and make sure it’s still them,” she wrote.