Yesterday, while we were all distracted by Constance Wu and her wild social media meltdown, Gemma Chan was out there doing the Lord’s work and smashing ‘like’ on extremely shady tweets about her Crazy Rich Asians co-star.

In case you somehow missed all this drama, Constance Wu made headlines around the world when she reacted furiously to the news that her TV show Fresh Off The Boat had been renewed, frustrating her ambitions to kick off a more serious film career.

While most of the internet was roasting her for being ungrateful and not appreciating the rarity of a steady, paid acting gig, gossip journalist Yashar Ali decided to go straight for the jugular, saying in a now-deleted Tweet:

“Constance Wu’s conduct today comes as no surprise to anyone who has worked with her in recent years. She has a reputation for being rude, petty, mean-spirited, and ungrateful.”  

Yikes. That Tweet has since disappeared, but eagle-eyed social media users noticed that Gemma Chan dropped a big ‘ol like on it, seemingly implying that she agrees with the assessment of her co-star as “rude, petty, mean-spirited and ungrateful.”

Many wondered what might have gone down between the two to cause this, but whatever happened, Gemma Chan has now distanced herself from the entire situation. In a later Tweet, she wrote: “Just to clarify – it was an accidental ‘like’. Anyone looking for drama or beef, sorry to disappoint.”

Needless to say, her followers are skeptical as to whether this is really what happened, or whether she’s now back-pedalling, much like Constance Wu was forced to to after yesterday’s unpleasantness.

Constance Wu, Oprah

We may never know for sure.