Blogger Constance Hall Calls Out Bonds For Using Her ‘Vibe’ In New Campaign

It’s a bold move to claim a “vibe”, but that’s what mummy blogger Constance Hall has done this week. She called out Bonds over their latest campaign, which she says has her “vibe” all over it.

Constance took to her Facebook page to critique the new campaign.

The post implies the Bonds Originals campaign borrows from Constance’s ‘Queendom’ brand – if you’re not across it, Constance calls her followers “Queens”, and has a whole bohemian Byron Bay earth mother thing going on.

Her post is preeeetty spicy:

You completely forgot to ask me to model in your new Queendom campaign?? So fucking weird man, I even checked my junk emails.. I’m getting slammed with messages from Queens wanting to know why the hell my vibe is all over bonds but I’m not…. I’ve forgiven you. I don’t hold grudges and I’m too old to waste time with feelings of rejection.

Before turning the focus to her charity work, and pushing for Bonds to support the charity she is aligned with, Rafiki Mwema.

I suppose I’m never actually going to be an underwear model.. However my brand Queen The Label supports the real Queens of this world, sexually abused young kids in Kenya through the worlds most kick arse charity called Rafiki Mwema.. How about your Queendom campaign does the same??? #bondsforrafiki And I’ll even throw in some free modelling for you????

Bonds then responded to Constance, touching on their own charity work and implying that the Queen movement is global – and includes Queen Bee, which we’re assuming means Beyonce.

Constance has not responded to Bonds statement, but did take to Instagram after some of her followers began accusing Ailie Banks, one of the artists who worked on the Bonds campaign, of copying. She then said her original intention was simply to have Bonds get involved in the Rafiki Mwema campaign.

What a wild ride, folks.