Ofc Everyone Made A Billion Memes About Billionaire Bill Gates Getting A Billionaire Divorce

Bill Gates divorce memes

Our thoughts are with billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates during this trying time. Divorce is never fun, and it must be hard for them to bring their 27-year-long marriage to an end. But on the flipside… it’s never not funny to make fun of fabulously wealthy billionaires.

So the minute the news of their divorce was announced, the internet went into overdrive churning our spicy memes about what looks to be a very, very pricey divorce indeed.

Anyone wanna bang a 65-year-old multibillionaire? I’m happy to take one for the team.


We don’t know many details yet, but it’s safe to assume Melinda Gates is set to rake in a whole damn bank after their split.


Bill Gates always had divorced dad energy, but now he has the credentials to prove it.


The thought of Bill Gates’ own creations coming back to haunt him in this moment is also lowkey funny.


On a more serious note, plenty of people couldn’t overlook the fact that Gates used his massive sway to prevent COVID-19 vaccines being released for free, placing the entire world at the mercy of a handful of patents.


If only Steve was here to witness this moment. He would’ve loved the memes.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on who gets what in what may well be one of the biggest divorce settlements ever.