Pete Evans Had A Very Normal One While Chanting ‘Fuck Bill Gates’ With A Crowd Of Anti-Vaxxers

Pete Evans

Old mate Pete Evans had an aggressively normal one today, addressing an anti-vaxxer rally in Sydney and talking about how he is going to be the saviour of Australia as the crowd chanted “fuck Bill Gates“.

The chef and former reality star addressed the Millions March Against Mandatory Covid Vaccination rally in Hyde Park, and told the crowd of, erm, hundreds about his political aspirations. He said:

“I don’t have the answers. No one is coming to save you except you. Each and every one of you has to stand up in whatever capacity you can …”

He continued, somewhat ominously:

“I begged people I thought could change the future of Australia. I fucking begged. But in the back of my mind there was this little guy going, ‘you know you’re gonna have to do this’.”

Later, the crowd marched on Pitt Street Mall while chanting slogans like “we hope that Bill Gates liar goes to jail”, to the bemusement of passers-by.

Bill Gates is a favourite target of anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists, and his daughter recently joked about one wild theory that he is using vaccinations as a cover to implant microchips in people.

Earlier this week, before booting the entire Australian news media, Facebook confirmed that it had removed Pete Evans from Instagram for sharing misinformation about COVID-19.