In some gentle content for you all, people on Twitter recently shared their personal, not-at-all-scientific yardstick on what it is about someone else’s home that signifies they’re rich. Maybe it’s something they saw in a rich’s friend’s house or something they’ve picked up on in chats with well-off mates as adults, but it turns out it’s slightly different for everyone. Except for “has a water dispenser on the fridge.”

Kicked off by writer and very funny man Benjamin Law, he asked what others “idiotically arbitrary and offensively non-scientific yardstick of whether someone’s rich” is, before admitting that his own is whether someone has a dishwasher or not. And then also confirmed that he had a dishwasher as a kid but it was busted for a good twenty years.

The responses, naturally, are excellent.

A lot of people agreed with their yardstick of rich bitch shit was the dishwasher inclusion simply because that meant those kids with them clearly weren’t made to wash and/or dry dishes after dinner every night, but the responses are great and so, so varied.

One that was pretty widely agreed upon was those fancy fridges with water and/or ice dispensers in the door.

Others were measured wealth more on what was behind the doors in the kitchen.

Especially if they were high-key Lucille Bluth about it, too.

And sometimes the yardstick lies in the look of the house, the rich aesthetics, the unnecessary knick-knacks.

Or this, it’s always this.

Image: Kath & Kim / Twitter