Trailer For Benjamin Law’s SBS Show ‘The Family Law’ Promises Good Things

Bestselling Aussie author Benjamin Law is a Twitter MVP, and he’s word-vomited his sense of humour all over the script for an SBS show based on his critically acclaimed memoir, ‘The Family Law’.
It’s been in the pipeline for quite a while – and an official release date is yet to be announced, though we’re told it’ll be some time in early 2016 – but a trailer has just dropped, and it reeks of a ratings success.
A coming-of-age comedy also called ‘The Family Law’, it tells of the dysfunctional/semi-nuts Law family through the eyes of a young Ben growing up in 80s/90s suburban Queensland.
Ben held a special screening of the show’s first two episodes at Parliament House last night (Malc, can we get a review?) and it clearly went well.

Get amongst the preview/get excited: