People Are Revealing The Dumbest Shit They’ve Been Asked From People Who Grew Up Rich

People are revealing the truly borked shit they’ve been asked by people that grew up rich and as someone who grew up as a lower-middle class Australian I am cackling.

The viral TikTok, which has been stitched countless times, was posted by @venusbleeds and says, “People that grew up rich will literally look you in the eyes and ask you something insane like do you ski?”

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And as someone who had to explain to their rich mates throughout high school and uni that international family holidays were not something we did in my childhood, I am absolutely losing it.

The assumption that everyone grew up with money is a luxury truly only reserved for the wealthy.

While I was patiently waiting every week for Saturday Disney my rich mates got to watch the good shit every day on Foxtel – a lifestyle my parents simply could not afford.

Thank god the stitches were left on because there’s been some truly gold content from people outlining the most unhinged things people who grew up rich have been telling their mates.

TikTok user Stu (@janikon_) shared the most insane rental advice they’d heard from a weathly friend.

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It all started when their co-worker shared that she really wanted to secure a lease on an apartment in Canada.

Stu made a reasonable request saying, “Look at your budget, if you can offer $50 more or $100 more a month offer that and he [the landlord] might just be like ‘done and dusted’ and give it to you.”

The video continues. “My other co-worker is sitting off to the side, not really involved in the conversation, leans in and is like ‘babes, why don’t you just offer to pay the year up front, thats what I did.’”

And paying an entire years rent up front??? In this economy???

KT (@ktmorph) also stiched the TikTok vid saying the most unhinged rich person shit she’s ever heard was when a man in her college class told her that instead of paying for parking she could just get her car towed everyday and pay the $175 fee at the impound lot.

What the fuck.

@ktmorph #stitch with @venusbleeds truly the nicest guy, but sir? This in now way pertains to my life. #wellmannered #gentleman #latinmen #businessschool #luxurycars ♬ Onepiece – Overtaken – Main Theme – Geek Music

I used to cry paying 30 bucks to park in Cremorne for work and you’re telling me $175 is meant to be a steal??

Once again the wealthy continue to become more out of touch without even trying.

If you need me, I’ll be sweltering in the Melbourne heat because my housemates and I aren’t allowed to turn on the aircon because you guessed it: We’re poor.