I Put My GoPro In The Dishwasher To See What Goes On In There & How’s Your Iso Going?


Isolation has done a number on me, friends. I am so bored, I’m doing things like exercising. Taking supplements for my health. Putting my GoPro in the dishwasher just to see what happens in there.

I got the idea from a tweet, which I want to disclose from the outset because credit where credit is due etc.

Now I see some other professional GoPro people have already put their GoPro in the dishwasher, but who cares! You’re here to see what happened when I did it!

I’m using the Hero8, by the way. GoPro loaned it to me, but I don’t think they were expecting me to put it in the dishwasher:

GoPro Hero8, $498

I would also like to note that I had full intentions of paying them for the GoPro if I fucked it up in this experiment, ok? I’m not an asshole!

First up, you need the waterproof case. The real GoPro one – don’t fuck around on this, ok? None of that Bali fake stuff if you wanna go full dishwasher.

GoPro Hero8 Super Suit, $75

You’re about to put your not-cheap device through a LOT of water, so you want to protect it nice and good. Also – here’s where I pop in a disclaimer saying don’t try this at home, and if you do and it fucks up your GoPro, don’t come crying to me/GoPro, ok?

See, technically your GoPro Hero8 operates perfectly in heat up to 50C. But dishwashers are HOT. I wasn’t 100% sure mine was going to survive this, and while it did – I can’t guarantee yours will, you know?

OKAY. So first I just clipped my baby (I’ve called him Reginald) in using the clippy stand, and shut the door. I turned the dishwasher on excitedly.

There he is! Reginald!

When I removed it:


Yes – I am an idiot who forgot that when you CLOSE the dishwasher, it is… dark in there.

The GoPro Hero8 doesn’t have flash or night vision – you can buy LED lights for it, but I don’t have them.

Off to Bunnings I went.


That, my friends, is a waterproof torch I specifically bought for this experiment. Buying shit from Bunnings that you don’t need just to satisfy a weird iso craving? That’s where we are at.

This time, things were SPLENDID. I hung the torch on the other side of the dishwasher, so it didn’t shine directly into the GoPro. That way, it illuminated the dishwasher without impacting my stellar video.

So when I took the GoPro out after a short wash (40 minutes) it… was not on anymore. As in, it had shut down, I assume from over-heating. Thankfully, the Super Suit had withstood the conditions – Reginald was not in any way impacted by the dishwasher besides the heat.

Praying Reginald would work again, I left him to cool down and when I came back an hour later, he was fine! Working like a trooper!

So how was the footage, you ask? Just inspiring.

This was before things kicked off. I know, I know – I didn’t have HEAPS in there but there’s also somehidden load on the bottom, I’m not an environmental asshole monster.

Then shit got going. The spinny thing spun, water shot out of it, absolute chaos.

After about ten minutes, the flippy bit with the dishwashing tablet in it popped open! Wooooo! That was probably the highlight for me. Just PING!

Are you rolling your eyes at me? I thought we levelled with each other that iso is a no rules zone. Let me get my lacklustre kicks.

Anyway this is the last shot before the GoPro ominously shut down.

I’ve got a feeling that’s steam, and HOT steam at that. Probably the reason the GoPro was off it in the end. My recording lasted for 27 minutes and the cycle was 40, which means it only lost 12 mins of footage. Not bad, not bad.

Next? The washing machine.