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Australia has a rich musical history. We’ve produced some of the greatest and highest-selling artists of all time, continually churn out ground-breaking creatives who change the game and have hundreds of subcultures continually bubbling away in the underground.

However, amidst all the greatness, I believe the area we’ve excelled in the most musically is one-hit-wonders. This has been brought to my attention because recently, my TikTok FYP has sounded exactly like a DJ’s playlist at a 2009 primary school disco.

I’m not complaining – it’s reminded me of multiple bangers that had since escaped my memory.

X-Factor king Reece Mastin is currently receiving a mini-Renaissance on the app. I, for one, am 100% here for the youth to be indoctrinated with the heyday of shiny pop-rock hits.

@forgottenthrowbacks##fyp ##forgottenthrowbacks ##forgottensongs ##throwbacksongs ##throwback ##foryou♬ original sound – Forgotten Throwbacks

Rallies are currently being cried to bring back Timomatic. Australia’s answer to Flo Rida. We didn’t know how good we had it.

@chongybrahThe GOAT ##timomatic ##australia ##aussie♬ original sound – Chongy

Australia’s best ever girl group, The Young Divas have made their way back into my consciousness.

@australianmusicYoung Divas: #australianmusic #aussiemusic #aria #youngdivas #jessicamauboy #rickilee #emilywilliams #paulini #katedearaugo♬ Rock and Roll Session – Canal Records JP

TikTok creator Alee Sang has also vividly reminded me of the era in which every Home And Away / Neighbours star tried their hand at a music career (and the bops that ensued).

@aleesangAnyone else? ???? #aussietiktok #aussiesoapstars #hollyvalance #stephaniemcintosh #bechewitt #tamminsursok #2000snostalgia♬ original sound – Alee Sang

While they’re far from one-hit-wonders, TikTokers far and wide have been using Hilltop Hoods’ 2003 smash The Nosebleed Section while reminiscing on their distinctly Aussie childhood memories.

@zkittlesss420i want to be a little kid again was so fun #australia #melb #fyp #foryou #kids #ihatelockdown #ew♬ The Nosebleed Section – Hilltop Hoods

Bonafide Australian icon (who’s also far from a one-hit-wonder, nor a 00s artist might I add), Jimmy Barnes has also gotten in on the fun to throwback to one of his many bangers.

@jimmybarnesofficialThis week I’m throwing back to #WorkingClassMan. Have a go…let’s see your duets #throwbacksongs♬ Working Class Man – Jimmy Barnes

Now, there are a few forgotten Aussie bangers that are yet to pop up on my FYP. Amy Meredith‘s Lying is a hot contender to stir up a bit of nostalgia. I’m yet to see the Spacey Jane loving teens fawn over Little Red‘s Rock It. Lee Harding‘s Wasabi could easily trend next week too.

I think the reason we’re so wrapped up in these niche hits of yesteryear right now is that we’re all yearning for a sense of escapism. Times are tough right now, and we all need a little glimmer and taste of a time that was pure bliss. For most TikTok users, that time was the 00s when life’s biggest dilemma was deciding between watching Australian Idol or The Simpsons.

Scrolling through and getting whacked in the face with a helping of nostalgia is honestly the best remedy to the lockdown blues. It may be temporary, but at least it’s something.

Image: TikTok / @chongybrah / @keelybutler8