A Qld TikToker Made $49K In A Month By Letting His Followers Wake Him Up Every 10 Seconds

As the saying goes “sleep is for the weak” and by those standards, 28-year-old Aussie TikToker Jakey Boehm is the strongest person on the face of the earth. Jakey has just clocked up nearly $50,000 over just one month by letting his followers wake him up all night. What a concept.

The Queensland local boasts 569,000 TikTok followers at the time of writing, all eager to wake him up from any quality snooze time he might cop. Jakey’s top video has reached over 8.3 million views which is more than the population of his home state of Qld.


For those of you who might be a little confused by what the absolute fook is going on, here’s how it all works.

Jakey Boehm tries to nod off to sleep. His followers buy “gifts” via a live stream which usually kicks off at around 8pm. Lights, sounds and special effects (of which there are plenty) activate when gifts are bought and promptly wake Jakey up from whatever nice dreams he was having.

A solid business model if ever I saw one. Get this man on Shark Tank!

“Every night is the same, a sound or light is activated every 10-15 seconds, it’s constant all night,” Jakey told the Daily Mail.

“I plan to keep doing the lives every night and adding new features. As long as people are watching and gifting, I’ll be live.”

Ya gotta respect the hustle.

What makes Jakey’s story even more intriguing is the growth of the concept.

Back in March, the midnight disruption was limited to some flashing strobe lights and a few bangers.


Since then, Jakey Boehm has levelled up his setup to include neon signs, Stranger Things-style fairy lights and a literal fan.

These improvements have ended up making him $49,000 in just May alone as per the Daily Mail.


If we’ve learned anything from this experience, it’s to treasure every minute of sleep you get because you never know when dubstep will start loudly playing. Words to live by.