Your Boy Karl Stefanovic Cops A Lead Role In 2015’s Best News Bloopers

It’s been a particularly good year in terms of the giddy joy that is news bloopers.

Thanks to the ever-loving majesty of the internet, we’ve had greater access than ever before to on-air stuff-ups from around the globe.
And with the year slowly creaking towards an end, what better place than here/what better time than now to sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the greatest gaffes, slip-ups, strange happenings, and general hilarity from news broadcasts.
All your favourites are in here. Doodoo the Clown. The Super Dramatic Irish Weather Broadcast. And you absolutely know that your boy Karl Stefanovic and the infamously prone to corpsing Today Show crew features very heavily throughout.

Still absolutely dying over that Karl/giant shark reaction shot, to be perfectly honest. You couldn’t dream of scripting TV that good.
Source: Uproxx.