Karl Stefanovic – Best Human Ever?

This iconic bit of footage is Exhibit A and we’ll call the soon to be iconic footage below Exhibit B. Seriously who else but Karl “No Self Awareness” Stefanovic would attempt, on national television, to play a game which involves furiously pumping your fist while gripping a pretty phallic looking controller. We know it’s Wii Curling but it looks like you’re virtually jacking off an elephant.

At that point the “Best Human Ever” title was his but then homeboy throws out some (possibly unintentional) sexual innuendo (“here it comes”) and seems genuinely thrilled to be playing the game and genuinely surprised that everyone’s laughing at him. This is all at 8:39 in the a.m. He wasn’t even drunk. Karl Stefanovic = Best Human Ever. FACT.

Title Image by Kristian Dowling via Getty