Oh, Karl. Don’t ever, ever change. Everyone’s favourite drunk uncle Karl Stefanovic added another piece of footage to his ever-growing highlight reel, after Prime Minister Tony Abbott appeared for a scheduled interview on The Today Show looking decidedly green under the gills.

Tones had been chilling hard with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe the previous evening, and the pair had celebrated the signing of a free trade agreement between Australia and Japan (which means increased GDP for both countries, and cheaper electronics for us) in the only right and just manner – hitting the piss in a severe fashion.

We can only assume that Abe introduced Tony to one too many sakes whilst Tone then brought out Australia’s national drink in the form of a rousing game of Goon of Fortune.

So when suddenly Tones has to front up on the Today Show still feeling particularly worse for wear, of course Karl – not exactly known for his streak of sober broadcasts – is going to pick up on it and have a little dig and the Dusty PM.

Drinking that much with the Japanese Prime Minister would never have phased Bob Hawke, I tell you. The man’s never had a hangover in his life.

Tony Abbott Appeared On Today Hungover, Copped It From Karl Stefanovic

One for the country, Robert!