If you’re looking for some undeniably wholesome content then you’ve found it. Nina AKA the sweet star of @yiayianextdoor on Instagram has been gifted tickets to visit her family in Greece.

Yiayia Next Door went viral earlier this year for being one of the most precious and ridiculously wholesome things on the internet. The Instagram account was started by Daniel Mancuso who often appears in the videos with his brother Luke. If you’re unfamiliar with the account, the near-daily videos show the Greek grandmother popping homemade food over the fence to the brothers. Sometimes she asks Daniel if he has a girlfriend yet. Classic.

We never actually see Yiayia’s face in any of the posts, just her hands and all the glorious food.

While appearing on The Project in June, Yiayia – Nina – revealed she was worried about her sister in Greece who had suffered a stroke. But Nina wasn’t sure if she could afford the tickets.

Enter Flight Centre, who after hearing Nina’s story generously bought her and her husband flights to the motherland.

“To our beloved neighbours, Yiayia and Pappou Greece awaits your generous souls!” the brothers shared on Instagram. “Next Monday Yiayia will be on her merry way to reunite with her sister.”

The brothers also thanked Flight Centre and the team at Northland for being the bloody best and organising the trip.

Also in the videos below, Yiayia said the tickets meant a “big deal” to her. Then she proceeded to ask her daughter to cook “for my grandsons” when she’s away. She said roast chicken with a side of salad to be healthy. PRECIOUS.

Swipe away.

Christ, that’s almost too sweet.

On Instagram, Flight Centre said they “couldn’t be happier to be able to help out Australia’s favourite @yiayianextdoor.”

Image: Instagram / @yiayianextdoor