Prepare to piss tears because the country’s most beloved grandmother of the impossibly wholesome Insta @yiayianextdoor is releasing a full cookbook with some help from the two brothers over the fence in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

If you’re anything like me you’ve been drooling over all the delicious dishes Yiayia has handed over the fence, dreaming of how you can get your hands on her (probably handwritten) recipe cards. And now you can — kinda — because the wholesome neighbours are releasing a cookbook this year.

For the last couple of years, we’ve followed the delicious wares of the Yiayia and Papou who live next door to Daniel and Luke Mancuso, and we’ve loved every second of it. Hell, we even popped out and met the neighbours for a shared meal a while back.

All kinds of hot meals, snacks, homegrown fruits and veggies have been handed over the fence to the two young blokes by the faceless but generous older Greek woman, who was adamant they were kept well-fed after the traumatic loss of their mother to domestic violence when the brothers were younger.

“We know 100% we’ll get fed on Fridays, ‘cos it’s the soup day,” Daniel told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“Definitely favourite is spanakopita and chicken rice.”

With the release of the cookbook Yiayia Next Door, we’ll all soon have the details of how to make some of the dishes she’s fed the boys with, and other adored favourites from yiayias all over the country.

The book promises the secrets to killer keftedes, mouthwatering moussaka, tantalising tiropita, beloved baklava and gut-busting, custard-filled galaktoboureko — all the kinds of things we can only hope to make with as much love as a yiayia would.

Yiayia Next Door is out from March 29, and you can preorder yourself a copy for $36.99 right now. A percentage of book sales will be donated to the Australian Childhood Foundation, which help to support young men, women and children through trauma and grief.

Image: Instagram / @yiayianextdoor