We Met The Yiayia Behind The Fence Of Your Favourite Wholesome Instagram

It is Monday, my dudes, and you know what that means; another episode of our Facebook Watch series, 15 Minutes, is here to give you the story behind the most iconic viral moments in Aussie online history.

This week, we meet the two blokes behind the hugely-popular and illegally-wholesome Instagram, @yiayianextdoor, and Yiayia and Pappou dropped in for a cheeky drink which nearly blew our series co-host Lucinda Price‘s socks off.

If you can’t remember, or don’t know about the most precious account on all of Insta (yes, I’m calling it), I introduced y’all to it back in May when I had stumbled upon its greatness one hungover morning, and proceeded to grossly cry over how fucking adorable it all was.

The account is run by two brothers, Daniel and Luke Mancuso, who have a really special relationship with their girl next door; an older Greek woman named Nina, but prefers to be known as Yiayia.

It’s a lesser-known story, but after the boys lost their mother to a domestic homicide at the hands of their father, Nina felt the least she could do was to make sure the boys we were being fed. And so their special over-the-fence relationship began as Yiayia became the makeshift matriarch — and in turn, the boys used their account to spread awareness.

Each video shows a pair of hands reaching over the fence with a meal for the day – Friday’s are for lentil soup, sometimes it’s chicken on rice, other times it’s some fruit from the garden hoofed over in a plastic bag. No matter what Yiayia’s cooked up, there’s always going to be some made especially for her hungry boys next door.

PEDESTRIAN.TV spent some time with the Mancuso boys at their home in Melbourne’s northern suburbs – complete with a “typical wog” kitchen in the garage – and got to sit down for a drink with Yiayia and Pappou.

Have a watch of the brand-new episode below, but maybe grab the tissues first — it’s a heartwarmer: