The Toothless Treasure Behind The ‘Aussiest Interview Ever’ Flat-Out Refuses To Sign Autographs

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

It’s time for another meme-filled episode of 15 Minutes, the Facebook Watch series in which we travel around Oz each week reliving the most iconic viral moments in history, and those responsible for them.

This week, comedian and co-host Nina Oyama heads to Queensland to chat with Daniel McConnell, the Aussie hero who chased down a vandal in his jocks back in 2016 and subsequently gave the ‘Aussiest interview ever’ on the Today Show.

As one YouTube user commented, “Couldn’t get more Australian unless he wrestled a crocodile mid-interview.” Don’t believe the hype? Check it out below.

In the latest episode of 15 Minutes, Daniel talks about the now-infamous 2016 interview that shot him into virality, having an agent and his love for old collectable antiques – yes, this conversation is eclectic as fuck.

Interestingly, Daniel talks about refusing to sign autographs, particularly when picking his kids up from school.

“A lot of the parents – they pissed themselves laughing, ’cause they’re like, ‘Oh, can we get your autograph?’, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah… nah.’”

He elaborates: “Mate, I will not sign an autograph. That’s the only thing I want my kids to take from this, is if it ever happens to them, just be yourself. Don’t be or change yourself for anyone, ’cause the second you start changing yourself, you’re no longer you.”

Check out the full chat between Nina and Daniel below. The Aussiest Interview Ever, take 2.

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