Nikki Webster Knows ‘Strawberry Kisses’ Is Your Drunk Anthem, & She’s Cool With It

It may be another dreaded Monday, but never fear – Mondays now also signal another episode of 15 Minutes, the Facebook Watch series in which we travel around Oz each week reliving the most iconic viral moments in history, and those responsible for them.

This week, comedian and co-host Lucinda Price caught up with none other Nikki Webster at her dance studio, Dance @ Nikki Webster, to discuss pre-social media fame, “Strawberry Kisses” and all that nostalgic Olympics glory. Oh, and to learn a couple new moves, of course (Lucinda will now be a fiend on the dance-floor at work’s upcoming Christmas party).

During the visit, Nikki identified the three main types of “Strawberry Kisses” listeners.

“I get the young kids whose parents have shown them the song and they fall in love with it, which is awesome,” she said.

“Then I get the mums who loved it as they were growing up, which is pretty cool.”

“And then I get the drunks… when you’re out, trying to be funny with it… but to me it’s all pretty cool – they all know the words. So hey, I won!” Win, you absolutely did.

I’m just thankful that us faithful drunk listeners are getting the recognition we deserve. I mean, “Strawberry Kisses” is, without fail, an instant crowd pleaser at any Prosecco-fuelled house party – you simply cannot help but stan a timeless drunk bop.

Check out the full chin-wag below.

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