Introducing ‘Aussiest Ever’, Our New FB Page For Anyone Who Froths Primo ‘Straya Content

If you love yourself a slice of Australiana, you’ve come to the right place. Well, almost – this article will be like a spiritual Aussie guide TO the right place – our new Facebook group, Aussiest Ever.

We created Aussiest Ever for all those Kath & Kim loving, Russell Coight watching, onya mate types like us, who froth a bit of Aussie yuuuumour and basically want to see two snakes fucking while a dingo watches on.

We’ll be sharing our Aussiest yarns to the group, but we also want you bringing your wild Aussie tales, pics and vids. Maybe there’s a roo in your town who looks like a bodybuilder. A mysterious wombat dropping stealth shits on neighbours front doorsteps. Maybe you’re a distant relative of Ned Kelly.

Whatever your Aussiest Ever yarn is, we want it. Come over and join our Facebook group to get amongst it, mates.