Some Dickhead Punched A Woman Who Told Him To Stop ‘Manspreading’ On Subway

Woman Punched Subway

Public transport comes with its hazards – unreliable arrival times, questionable cleanliness, and of course, there’s the people. Usually passengers keep to themselves, but every so often a horror story surfaces.

Case in point, New York resident Sam Saia, who shared a tale about being punched in the face by a fellow passenger on a Brooklyn subway after she asked him to give her some space.

She took to Twitter to recall the incident, which she said took place on a N train during her commute to work.

Prefacing her story by pointing out it was “a douchebag warning…not a racial warning”, she described being antagonised by a man sitting next to her who became violent went she asked him to stop manspreading into her space.

She says he yelled: “Bitch, you ain’t nothing. I’ve raped white bitches like you, fucking cunt. You ain’t nothing, you fucking bitch.”

Read Saia’s entire ordeal below.

Luckily some good Samaritans were on the scene, coming to her aid and forcing the man to get off the train.

Saia added more pics of her injuries, indicating that police were less than helpful when she reported the incident.

A witness also filmed a video after the attack, showing the man being ejected from the train by fellow passengers.

Scary stuff.