Everyone Made The Same Joke After Cynthia Nixon Announced Her Governor Bid

Earlier this morning, Cynthia Nixon – a.k.a the Sex and the City cast member you grew into realising played the one you actually wanted to be – announced her bid to run for New York governor.

Shocking? Not exactly. It’s been rumoured for weeks, and this feels like the first “ahhhh” moment in what’s going to be a long-ass campaign (the election isn’t till mid-November). But what did raise some delightfully amused eyebrows was that she’s campaigning largely on a campaign of fixing New York City’s issue-beset subway system.


At the top of her page, sandwiched between  some expected headers like “Meet Cynthia” and “Why I’m Running”, is the hashtag #CUOMOSMTA, a direct reference to current Governor Andrew Cuomo and the years-long mismanagement of the subway system.

Andrew Cuomo has been in office for eight years. He’s had eight years to address the growing transit crisis in our city. Instead, he’s used the MTA like an ATM, taking money out for his pet projects.

Governor Cuomo has been focused on making superficial, cosmetic changes rather than fixing the real problems. He has completely neglected the non-glamorous infrastructure work that actually keeps the subway functioning.

So why are we explaining this, when 99.99 percent of PEDESTRIAN.TV readers aren’t actually being New York natives and probably not being affected by slow, sweaty subway cars?

Because you need to understand this campaign issue to fully understand the tweets. And folks, the tweets…. well we’re absolutely shocked to tell you, but everyone is making the same joke.

I. COULDN’T. HELP. BUT. WONDER. Curses to the scriptwriter who first penned those words.







Of course, Nixon isn’t solely running on NYC public transport. She’s campaigning on issues like healthcare, mass incarceration, racial and gender inequality,voter suppression, reproductive rights, education, climate change, and a whole range of left-leaning issues.


But the subway thing… people are into it.