This TikToker Copped A $2.6K Fine For Not Declaring A Subway Sanga When Landing Into Australia

tiktoker subway jessica

Holidays bleed your bank account dry. Coming home from said holiday bleeds your serotonin dry. So yeah, copping a big-ass fine when returning is not something you want to happen. It would be very shit and I do not envy this TikToker who copped a $2,664 fine for not declaring a half-eaten Subway footlong.

Basically, TikToker @_jessicaleeee bought a Subway footlong at Singapore airport but only ate half of it, putting the remainder in her carry-on luggage. Then when she had to fill out the declaration form upon arriving into Australia, she failed to tick the box that asks if you’re bringing any meat or vegetables into the country. But her sub had chicken and lettuce in it.

Because of that she copped a $2,664 fine that needs to be paid within 28 days, which is what happens when you make false declarations or fail to declare in the first place. I’m glad Jessica has her emotional support teddy to help get her through this mess.

Imagine. You’ve presumably had a great holiday after two years of not having them, spent money out your ass and then land home to find out you’ve made a mistake that will well and truly cost ya. Jessica also says in the TikTok that she quit her job before going overseas and has rent to pay but acknowledges that she made a boo-boo. “It is my mistake,” she says in the TikTok. “Don’t copy my expensive mistakes.”

A Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry spokesperson told that legally all meat and veggies must be declared on the Incoming Passenger Card. The spokesperson added:

“All airlines play mandatory biosecurity messaging (video/audio) in flight at top of descent (ie. just prior to landing – not mid-flight when passengers might be sleeping) highlighting things of biosecurity risk, and the need to declare food and ingredients, and to leave all food on-board.”

If you’ve been overseas recently, it’s hard to forget the repetitive, “Don’t be sorry, just declare it” messaging. I know it’s been a hot minute since international flights but take this as your reminder to tick the damn box if you’re unsure. It might take a little bit longer to get back to the bed you’ve been missing but it’ll definitely be worth it.

I hope she at least got to eat the Subway and all the lettuce it contained.