This Woman Scrolling On Her Phone Just Moments After Getting Hit By A Car Is Peak 2020

A woman has gone viral after being snapped on her phone just moments after being hit by a car.

[jwplayer 3XbQEjJv]

Initial footage of the accident, captured by Twitter user @colbydroscher, shows an abundance of New York bystanders rushing to lift an SUV that had subsequently trapped the victim. The footage is pretty wild. Check it out below.

The Twitter user then updated those who were following his thread, with an image of the woman, moments later, surrounded by paramedics, alongside the caption: “The woman is awake and on her phone.”

Now, what was meant to be a harmless update subsequently turned into a bit of a viral spectacle, as users began to comment on the fact that this absolute trooper was able to user her phone, mere moments after a near-fatal experience. She’s unknowingly become a symbol for those who can’t stay away from their phones.

The internet’s collective mind naturally ran wild with possible explanations.

Aside from the internet’s shenanigans, it’s obviously a huge relief that the woman appears to be in a stable position. Major kudos to the quick-thinking bystanders.