Well, this is terrifying. CCTV footage from a gas station in Clanton, Alabama appears to show a woman busting out of the boot of a car and escaping her would-be kidnapper.

According to WNEP, the victim was attacked in her home at 2:30am on October 30, when Timothy Wyatt allegedly broke into her home and started choking her and demanding money.

He then allegedly threatened the victim’s life, and forced her into his car. They drove to a remote area where Wyatt is reported to have made the victim get into the boot.

Fortunately, the victim found an opportunity to escape, after Wyatt pulled into a petrol station in Clanton, Alabama. While he was inside the station, the woman managed to release the boot from the inside and bolt into the store.

Footage from the inside of the petrol station shows the woman running in. Wyatt, realising what’s happened, immediately books it back to his car.

He was picked up by local sheriff deputies later that day, and has been charged with robbery, kidnapping and domestic violence.

Watch the wild video here, and maybe go brush up on your crisis situation survival skills. Props to this lady for keeping her wits about her in the middle of one of the scariest possible situations. We hope she’s doing alright.

Source: WNEP