Today’s MVP Is This Woman Who Filmed Her Battle With Eyelashes On A Windy Speedboat Ride

Nothing is more disappointing than getting glam, leaving the house and then realising that the elements are conspiring against you in a rude attempt to yuck your yum.

Winter is a prime example of this. It’s my arch-nemesis, especially at night time – picture me standing outside a bar, shivering but being too proud to admit it, and facing questions along the lines of ‘how are you not cold? haha!’

You know what, smart-ass human? I’m aware that it’s cold, but glamour hurts, Sharon, and I like my fucking look. Also, as Cardi B once said, ‘a hoe never gets cold’, and I feel that, deeply.

This is why I have nothing but respect for my sister who jumped on a speedboat while sporting the longest lashes known to man.

The following footage, which I will now name The Great Eyelash And Wind War Of 2019™, has gone absolutely gangbusters on social media, with punters showing nothing but love and respect for a gal who was just trying to serve daily lewks before Mother Nature rudely interrupted her.

I mean, seriously, those eyelids got a damn workout with all that weight.

“Sis got a 18 inch bundle on them eyes,” commented Alonzo Arnold.

“What glue was that again?” Snow Tha Product added.

Snow actually makes a really great point – this might be the most elaborate eyelash glue ad campaign of all time.

To the queen in the video (AKA an unworthy victim to the elements) I praise you for your resilience and ability to remain fierce at 150 km/h.