Chris Hemsworth Celebrates ‘MIB’ Wrap W/ Blessed Shots Of M8 Tessa Thompson

Chris Hemsworth, who could probably defend Earth from aliens with one flinty glare, has shared a whole bunch of photos to celebrate the wrap of the Men In Black reboot.

Featuring none other than co-star Tessa Thompson and director F. Gary Gray, Hemsworth took to Instagram to commemorate the intergalactically-significant occasion.

The post comes one day after Hemsworth also celebrated the fact he gets to captain a speedboat around Italy, because he’s Chris goddamn Hemsworth. Shakas ahoy, folks.

Thompson has been stunting on social media, too. A few days back, she shared a post of the duo somehow looking dapper while trudging up a sand dune in their trademark black suits.

The film, simply called MIB, is slated to follow the two London-based agents as they are engulfed in “a murder mystery that sends them traveling the globe.”

Seeing as this is the latest in a franchise of films involving residents from other globes, expect a whole bunch of alien interference in those plans.

Along with Hemsworth and Thompson, MIB boasts a cast including Liam Neeson, Kumail Najiani, Rafe Spall, Rebecca Ferguson, and Emma Thompson.

It’s set for a June release next year. Expect more humblebragging and shaka-throwing from everyone involved until then.