In less than a month, the giant Kanye West-kissing-Kanye West mural in Sydney’s Chippendale became a legitimate international phenomenon, making headlines (and Insta feeds) the world over. 

Yesterday, though, artist Scott Marsh made good on his promise to white-wash the street art after he sold an uber-limited print for one-hundred-thousand-smackeroos; speculation is rife as to the purchaser, after reports Ye’s management offered “a decent chunk of money” for it to be removed.

Marsh – ever the astute businessman – counter-demanded $100K and a lifetime supply of Yeezy sneakers from the rapper, slapping his ransom with an expiry date of two weeks. 

Three days shy of 2 weeks and here we bloody are, so was it Yeezy or was it someone else with a deep back pocket and very real thirst for the modern-day Messiah?

We’ll never know, after Marsh confirmed to PEDESTRIAN.TV that he was forced to sign a gag order preventing him from speaking to the media about the print’s sale by the mystery buyer.

Speaking to us over email, he said:

“I had to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of the sale which prevents me from talking to the media about the sale. The only thing i can say is yes it did sell.”

We’ll Never Know Who Bought Kissing-Ye ‘Cos Its Artist Signed A Gag Order

And in related Kardashian-West news that could be similarly hard to erase from your life – this Sydney women got Kimmy K’s face tattooed on her body.

Why I Got A Giant Kim Kardashian Tattoo

Tfw Kim Kardashian West’s face is on your body. For life.

Posted by on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Photo: Instagram / @scottie.marsh.