Sydney’s Kissing-Kanye Artist Is Not Stoked On That Kyle Sandilands Re-Do

China. Berlin. Chippendale. 

Never before has one Sydney wall received so much attention. Then again, there’s never been a massive mural of Kanye West macking on with himself, either – and there has certainly never been one of Kyle Sandilands pulling the exact same move. 

At this point, we’re certain the OG artwork’s saga is basically entrenched in 2016 culture – if you want a recap, have a squiz here – so we’ll jump straight to telling ya the original artist Scott Marsh has said he’s none too pleased the new Kyle-themed mural even exists. 

In a new Insta post tonight, the artist claims he was contacted by KIIS 1065 for the radio-themed re-do. When they balked at his quote (remember, the bloke likely just pocketed $100k for just blanking out his last piece) they palmed the concept off to another artist.


Other comments left on a related Instagram account aren’t exactly joyous either:
At this point, it’s worth mentioning the first mural was indeed based on a long-standing Photoshop job, done by an artist whose name has been lost to the sand of time/the internet, but Marsh was definitely the first to go ahead give it new life as a mural. 

Now, we’re just wondering what Ye himself would make of this whole ordeal – and whether it’ll take another lot of Yeezys to bring the newie down.  

Source and photo: Scott Marsh / Instagram.