Yeezy, it’s been real.

In just under a month, a not-so-humble mural in Sydney’s Chippendale became a legitimate worldwide phenomenon. Portraying a handsy Kanye West holding a decent portion of Kim Kardashian’s / his own arse, the painting sparked controversy while also serving as a shrine for avid fans. 

Yesterday, we brought you news artist Scott Marsh had sold his uber-limited $100,000 print, which also came with the promise of painting over the original artwork. Now, he’s come through. 


Its be real yeezy ???? #kanyeloveskanye #kanyewest #yeezy #kanye #zigis #scottmarsh

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Nooooooooo. Goodbye #kanyeloveskanye

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Kanye Buff #kanyeloveskanye #kanyebuff @scottie.marsh ?

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It’s the end of a graffitied era. Goodnight, sweet princes – you’ll always be pashing in our hearts. 

?????? I left his pinky, just got sent this.. #kanyespinky #kanyesfinger #kanyeloveskanye #kanye #kanyewest #scottmarsh

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Source and photo: Scott Marsh / Instagram.