If you didn’t think artist Scott Marsh was a baller after painting a giant mural of Kanye West pashing Kanye West in Sydney, then you’ll definitely think he’s a baller now: he has ransom demands for it’s removal. 

Marsh painted his now-iconic giant ‘Ye mural earlier this month, but it turns out that the rapper might not be super happy with it. 

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The artist has allegedly been contacted by Kanye’s management, who have offered ‘a decent chunk of money‘ for it to be removed immediately.

But Marsh is a lil’ sceptical that it is actually the rapper’s people asking for it’s removal, so he’s decided it to hold it ransom for proof. And for the godly sake of rare footwear.

He given Kanye two weeks to buy a print of the painting from online store 1xRun – it’ll cost the rapper USD $100,000, and a lifetime supply of Yeezy sneakers. 

See the print for sale here: www.1xrun.com/run/kanye_loves_kanye_-_100_000_buff_edition

Honestly, if holding pix of famous rappers captive for sneakers doesn’t exemplify the excellent nature of modern life in this here 2016, then what does? 

B – A – L – L – E – R.

And in related Kardashian-West news that could be similarly hard to erase from your life – this Sydney women got Kimmy K’s giant face tattooed on her body. 

Why I Got A Giant Kim Kardashian Tattoo

Tfw Kim Kardashian West’s face is on your body. For life.

Posted by pedestrian.tv on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Source: ABC.

Photo: Scott Marsh / Instagram.