Sydney’s Kyle Sandilands Mural Is Copping Bulk Tags & It’s Not Even Done

If anyone was looking for the most controversial wall in all of Sydney, we’ve found it: over in Chippendale, down Teggs Lane, outside Zigi’s Art Wine & Cheese Bar.

It is, of course, where the infamous Kanye-kissing-Kanye mural was located, before an ‘anonymous person’ (Kanye) successfully got it taken down by paying the OG artist Scott Marsh $100,000 (Kanye money) and making him sign a non-disclosure agreement so as to keep his identity secret (it was definitely Kanye).

Yesterday, PEDESTRIAN.TV reported that ANOTHER Kanye-kissing-Kanye mural was going up:

Which we later discovered to our utter disappointment was going to not be of Yeezy, but instead by of Kyle Sandilands, utterly unpleasant human as he is, kissing Kyle Sandilands. 

Well, it’s been less than 24-hours later, and that poor stretch of wall / ungodly mural is already getting the shit tagged out of it.

Zigi (of Zigi’s Art Wine & Cheese Bar) told us that the mural had been commissioned as a surprise for Sandilands when he returned to the KIIS FM airwaves next Monday.

But, yeah, uh….  we kind of let the cat out of the bag. Sorry.
It’s a public place, folks, and a highly contentious one at that. We’ve heard word that a security guard will be stationed overnight to protect Kyle / Kanye from further tagging, but next time, better fire up the stealthy if you want to keep that shit secret.

Photos: Supplied.