WATCH: Proud Kiwi Lorde Has Absolutely No Idea Russell Crowe Is From NZ

It’s not like we expect New Zealanders to keep a running dossier of who the country has birthed unto the world, but this is a fairly big gap.

Human treasure Lorde is currently in the country to do a very sparse and low-key round of media interviews, on the promotion trail for her new album ‘Melodrama,’ which is due to hit shelves on June 16th.
Stopping by the Triple J studios earlier this morning for a chat with Ben & Liam, the 20-year-old Auckland native was put through her paces in a little game of pub trivia.
For a game that only had three questions, the revelations came in thick and fast. For example:
  • Whichever member of Ben & Liam that wears the hat does not know how traffic lights work.
  • Lorde has definitely won a $50 bar tab at trivia before, but is yet to take home a meat tray.
  • Lorde’s Uber rating is in the toilet because she takes too long to leave the studio when she calls them.
But the most noodle-scratching of them all is the fact that Lorde was somehow unaware that Russell Crowe, Crown Prince of Strathmore Park, is in actual fact a Kiwi.

Pretty remarkable given that I am almost 99% certain that Rusty’s face is on the back of the New Zealand $20 note.
Do not @ me, folks.

Source: Triple J/YouTube.